Montauk Mainstay_

Branding, visual identity, responsive e-commerce website, and art direction for Montauk Mainstay, a Montauk-based apparel start-up. 

Client: Peter Moore/Montauk Mainstay. Team: Cybele Grandjean, Kevin Brainard, and Robert Spica. Partners: Krista Fuentes; Maryellen Gordon/Stable of Content, and Randy Harris.

The Microsoft Store_

Concepted, designed, and launched a cross-platform interactive experience that achieved a retail first: one massive LCD screen that wraps 270° of the retail space.

Microsoft has expanded the model to 86 locations and used the identity we developed as inspiration for rebranding the company.

Client: Collins/The Martin Agency Team: Kevin Brainard, Brian Collins, John Fulbrook, Timothy Goodman, Leland Maschmeyer, Kyle McDonald, Jason Nuttall, and Stefanie Segar. Partners: Digital Kitchen and Gensler. 

Client: Melissa Knapp/Clinique and Jessica Romm-Perez. Team: Cybele Grandjean and Kevin Brainard. Partners: Justin Fantl, Melinda Jenks, Taylor Jewell, Kim Myers Robertson, Ben Wiseman, and Anthoy Zinonos.

Logo, visual identity, and responsive website for Momentum Strategic Consulting, a New York City public relations firm.

Client: Sam Boykin and Will Sweeney/Momentum Strategic Consulting. Team: Kevin Brainard and Cybele Grandjean. Partner: Krista Fuentes

A selection of marks and wordmarks created for clients in the commercial, cultural, and non-profit business industries.